Quality Honey

Crafted with Care and Dedication

Quality Honey

Crafted with Care and Dedication.

Welcome to
Wild Hive & Co

The Planet’s Kind of Company

Wild Hive & Co is dedicated to producing high-quality, Zambian honey while promoting sustainable beekeeping practices.

Wild Hive & Co emphasizes the importance of environmental conservation and supports local beekeepers by providing fair trade opportunities.

Our products are a testament to the rich biodiversity of Zambia, ensuring that every jar of honey is pure, natural, and ethically sourced.

Wild Hive & Co is committed to creating a positive impact on both the environment and the community, making our honey a product that benefits both nature and people.

Our Products

Wild Hive & Co. offers 100% pure, raw, and genuine honey, harvested and processed to the highest standards.
Our honey retains all its natural enzymes, ensuring that you receive a pure, unadulterated, and healthy product.
We take pride in providing a unique product that is not widely available and cannot be compared to any other in the market.


We ensure our honey is raw and free from additives.


We prioritise eco-friendly practices in everything we do.


Our honey is 100% pure and natural


We empower local communities and foster their education.

About Wild Hive & Co

Wild Hive & Co. began with a simple belief: nature knows best. We are passionate beekeepers dedicated to producing the highest quality honey while supporting the natural behaviour of Zambia’s wild bees.
Founded in 2020, we have rapidly grown into a community-driven company committed to sustainability, quality, and empowerment.
Our mission is to provide pure, raw honey directly from our hives to your table while supporting sustainable development and environmental conservation.
We are dedicated to sustainable beekeeping practices that promote the health of our bees, the environment, and our community.

Sustainable Beekeeping